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Ensure your quality before production, not during or after.

Turn your quality actions into preventive and holistic approach, instead of corrective approach. It gets right in the first time for higher quality of your outputs with higher productivity.

•Monitor your workflow effectiveness transparently

•Transfer updated product information even from designer to operator in real-time

•Analyse risks and take preventive actions before production

•Get product and process history data

•Gain the insights you need to eliminate the causes of quality issues

Make sure that if you manage your shop floor performances with correct targets

Precisely measure the standard times of your operations. This is the basis of accurate pricing, production targeting and planning.

•Integrate your video analysis and product SAM database

•Speed up the process by flexible motion macro creation

•Save your processes from being experience-centric

•Investigate non-value-added points of your method design

Enable operation flow know-how of your products available in your integrated system

Instead of throw your past product development data away, recycle them. Comparison with past data definitely ensures more reliable SAM & price assumptions. It creates solid base for engineering preparations to solve bottlenecks before production phase.

•Track your assumptions and actual production flow

•Save your process from being experience-centric

•Compare with similar products based on operations and SAM

•Ease building operation flow by choosing product specifications

•Speed the process up by transferring product flow from similar ones

•Track your product flow history

•Measure the success of creation of product flow right in the first time and track the history

•Integrate with your production management systems

Trace every single products that you produced.

Traceability needs uniqueness. The more tracing, the more chance to be developed. Integration of uniqueness  with the production management systems brings you more sophisticated data management ground.

•Track production status of your products

•Get report of rework status in real-time and defect history

•Prevent entering products with missing operations and controls

•Integration with production management and quality assurance system

•Increase your shipment speed by detecting unique products’ status in real-time

Accredit your data because they are your most valuable assets which return to you as higher efficiency

As dynamic as the business and suitable to integrate with the systems are must have characteristic features of well-designed data collection system. It can be an only result of high experience on process development. Monitoring the KPIs just after data entrance and real-time production insights elevate the performances.

•Collect your inputs via smart tablets and let they be seen in real-time

•Avoid data transcription effort with smart data management

•Speed data entering up and make them reliable with your own rules

•Run your shop floor autonomously in terms of self-performance tracking

•Guide for your employees by providing the right information at the right time.

•Detect and improve your operational performance bottlenecks

•Provide user friendly interface to your employees

•Integrate your data collection system with your supportive processes to transfer data to responsible. Such as

•operational instructions,

•specific warnings (material, method, machine setup etc.),

•quality feedbacks,

•material e-kanban system

•HR communication activities (surveys, announcements etc.)

Only optimizing and integration of quality processes can prevent your extreme quality costs

High quality level assurance can possible only if quality feedback system and continues improvement culture exist. Decision support system with powerful and interactive software & reports switches your quality from corrective to preventive mentality. Interaction of quality control processes with your production lines in real-time avoid problems grow up.

•Put your energy to improving root causes instead of analysing and detecting mistakes

•Track your product quality online among all processes

•Track quality history of each products

•Build quality improvement decision support system

-Defect trend analysis

-Management of quality action plans

-Quality warning systems

-Quality performances of employees

Gather your entire data to one place and let your data tells you the true story of your shop floor in real-time

Making data-driven decisions can prevent problems instead of solve them. Monitoring your shop floor from anywhere is a must have in today’s dynamics. Everything that happens on your shop floor is live.

It enables more transparency and control over production.

•Combine your systems in single platform

•Build data mining infrastructure and user friendly monitoring system

•See progress if you’re on target or adjustments need to be made

•Support corrective actions at right time by warning systems

•Monitor via any devices (tablet, computer, mobile etc.)

•Have real time data to assist autonomy of shop floor management

Manage flexibility of your factory with structured planning and tracking system

Volatile and uncertain business conditions can be overcome as being flexible and agile. Business dynamics don’t let your company to get ready towards changes. However, powerful multi-skill management is a key for your agility.

•Integrate your multi-skill management and operation training processes with Smart Data Management systems

•Plan your multi-skill needs with a structured way

•Let your employees access to training methods, videos and machine instructions

•Build up a self-learning approach and avoid teaching costs

•Ensure multi skill data accuracy for your bonus system

•Track the progress and support your employees with reports in real-time