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Smart Data Collection System

As dynamic as the business and suitable to integrate with the systems are must have characteristic features of well-designed data collection system. It can be an only result of high experience on process development. Monitoring the KPIs just after data entrance and real-time production insights elevate the performances.

•Collect your inputs via smart tablets and let they be seen in real-time

•Avoid data transcription effort with smart data management

•Speed data entering up and make them reliable with your own rules

•Run your shop floor autonomously in terms of self-performance tracking

•Guide for your employees by providing the right information at the right time.

•Detect and improve your operational performance bottlenecks

•Provide user friendly interface to your employees

•Integrate your data collection system with your supportive processes to transfer data to responsible. Such as

•operational instructions,

•specific warnings (material, method, machine setup etc.),

•quality feedbacks,

•material e-kanban system

•HR communication activities (surveys, announcements etc.)